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Founded by a diverse team of lawyers, engineers, educators, medical professionals, civil servants, agronomists, social workers and entrepreneurs; our core team has a unique background in International Development work that allows us to attack the issue at hand with experience from all angles. Unlike other agencies, we labor at the frontline, working alongside and in direct contact with communities in need, in the effort to fight against world poverty, establish secure and sustainable livelihoods and protect human dignity.

The Canadian Institute of Tourism and Sustainable Livelihoods is solely a NON-PROFIT International Development Institute that focuses on different sectors aiming at making a direct impact on the lifestyle of many of the world’s poorest and overlooked people in budding countries. CITSL also offers distance learning programs nationally and internationally in the field of International Hospitality, Tourism and International Development, at a minimal fee to cover administrative cost.

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in their respective professions and International Development related work and activities. Our team members at CITSL work on a voluntary basis and in direct contact with various target groups of local NGOs and marginalized communities.

CITSL’s Vision:

We aim to alleviate the blight of world poverty and raise awareness as well as safeguard all aspects of human dignity.

CITSL’s Mission:

We focus our mission around working for and with the poor as well as communities that are marginalized. We aim at providing a healthy environment to build sustainable livelihoods through:
  • Focusing on capacity building with the help of Community and local NGOs.
  • Training for development of business skills relating to tourism entrepreneurship for various overlooked groups.
  • Helping to boost the market relationship between the tourism sector and small holder farmers.
  • Providing training on modern farming methods to small holder farmers.
  • Promote awareness of gender equality, environmental health and well-being.
  • Engage disparaged communities in various activities that help to facilitate income generation.

CITSL’s Core Values:

  • Responsibility
  • Dedication
  • Effectiveness
  • Sincerity
  • Dependability
  • Conscientiousness
  • Simplicity
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The Canadian Institute of Tourism and Sustainable Livelihoods (CITSL) responds to the devastating conditions of the world's poorest and most marginalized people in developing countries in an effort to build and sustain livelihoods, while creating the healthy environment necessary to their survival. We accomplish this task through various sectors- from agriculture to entrepreneurship to healthcare. Currently operating in regions throughout Africa, as well as locally in the province of Alberta, we are looking for assistance in supporting this endeavor for the betterment of society at large.
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08 October, 2013
  Celebration of International Day of Older Persons
  Training Plan for 2013 for CITSL
  Where We Operate
GAMBIA, KENYA and TANZANIA. However, we are in the process of expanding our services to cover other regions of Asia, South America and Africa.
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CITSL is registered non-profit institute in Alberta, Canada with registration number (5017625749) at 3412 Cedarille Drive SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2W 5A9 Canada, North America.

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